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Blog 10.06.15


I know, longtime no blog, right?

Well. I’ve been a bit busy with learning new trades, new skills, and finally got my amateur radio license back. That’s right, you may call me KM4NLZ. Currently I am at the Technician level but plan to take, hopefully pass the General test this weekend.

Thins look great for now. Mom is home and able to do everything she could do before her cancer diagnosis. She’s been cancer free almost a years. And while, she does have some issues with being negative – she is truly thriving. She’s an amazing person – strongest I know really.

I’m making soap now. Everyone seems to love it. Now I just need to be a better marketer. Tie dye shirts are also being made, currently. I’m giving them away, but that’s OK. It’s that pesky marketing thing.

I’ve also gotten back into sketching and drawing, which I’ll be posting some of that work here. I used to consider myself quite the artist.

My latest video game addictions are Forza 6, NBA2K16, Madden 2K16, and sadly Arkham Knight. More videos to come from that.

Well, there’s actually a lot more to come.

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