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Review: Batman V Superman – Dawn Of Justice


**Attempting to be brief and spoiler free**

I think this film should be subtitled, “Yawn Of Justice”, however it is an amazingly entertaining train wreck of a movie.

I liked Man Of Steel, while most didn’t. This movie has been hyped and praised as the up and coming savior of the DC movie franchise. It is, definitely not that. And it is not perfect by any means.

By now, everyone knows the plot – Superman tries to do good, but does bad. Batman is pissed and wants to annihilate him as he is encroaching on Gotham (which is apparently a across from Metropolis divided by a bay.

It’s no secret that this flick is setting up the DC cinematic universe – and Zack Snyder’s masterpiece and a crap ton of moving parts, coming at you all at once.

All the performances were great, even Ben Afflecks – believe it or not. There is ample Batman screen time, but I really wished for more. The final confrontation is interesting and with a couple of surprises.

Snyder did shy away from the canon – with Batman killing tons of dudes, and attempting to kill Superman with a sort of Kryptonite dust.

With most blockbusters, all the good parts were shown in the trailers, so there’s that.

All in all, go see it.

I’ll post a more detailed review with my thoughts after the weekend.

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