Review: Homefront The Revolution

The original Homefront was developed by THQ. While being a short game – it was great. So I was completely stoked when I learned that a sequel was in development. Now the first installment flew under the radar for most, trust me it was a truly great game.

Homefront The Revolution was a game that was stuck in development hell for over 5 years. And was supposed to be a sequel release for a game development company that no longer even exists.

The original game featured a “what if” scenario where America had been purchasing technology from North Korea for years. What if America had become completely dependant on this tech for consumers but also for military grade purposes. Lastly what if the countries had a complete falling out and back doors were built into all this technology?

This led to an invasion of America by North Korea.

Overall, the game play of the first game wasn’t all too different from your run and gun shooters. But the story gave the game a unique aspect.

At the time, THQ decided they really wanted to make a sequel. Sadly THQ declared bankruptcy and went out of business.

Homefront went on the be purchased by Crytek, which should have a good thing. Then the game went to Deep Silver, who felt the need to contract out the development to Dambuster Studios.

So after 5 long years of waiting, we’re left wondering what type of game it will be?

Frankly, the new game is a peace of shit. Let me tell you why.

The new game was not worth the wait. It is one of the most, uninspired, unfun, buggy, glitchy games I  have ever played in in my life.

First let me say I bought the game. Most of the other reviewers got codes to download it on PC for free. I am playing it on the XBOX One. Apparently the PC version has fewer glitches and graphical concerns.

From the get go, you can tell that this game is poorly optimized. Crazy low frame rates are obvious from the opening scene to the initial game play. Even the most casual gamer will notice this.

Was this game even tested on consoles? Makes you wonder, eh?

A game that runs at sub 20 frames is not going to work in 2016. It just won’t as you are trying to run and gun through the streets. Compare this to Doom and Uncharted 4 running consistently at a full 60 frames per second with insanely detailed visuals.

Moving on, the game development team was lazy as shit. It’s not just the unacceptable frame rates. Just walking into the first level of the game – you come across 2 NPCS that are EXACTLY THE SAME standing right next to each other. Let’s do this to laugh at the purchaser of the game as, ” HAHAHAHAHA! WE GOT YOUR MONEY AND SCREW YOU! Or at the least, this is what I imagine the game studio is thinking.

And you will notice the NPCS are repeated over and over and over.

This game is like most FPSs, think Dying Light without the zombies. You will be locked into a certain area of this open world until certain objectives are completed. You’re going to try to avoid the North Korean soldiers while collecting various items.

And that’s pretty much the game: completing missions and side missions for the Resistance. It’s boring and repetitive.

The one thing new to this game is the gun customizing system. While it is innovative, ┬áthe problems begin when it is almost impossible to shoot and aim at the emeny due to the absolutely horrible frame rates! Also changing between your weapon mods is clunky due to the interface and required button presses….it takes over 5 seconds to do even after you learn the game mechanics.

Later on in the game, about an hour, it gets super repetitive and you can’t continue until you complete all the fetch and busy work missions.

This game is an awful half baked attempt at being a AAA title. The developers should honestly offer refunds to anyone who purchased this piece of shit.

It’s definitely a no buy, or a rent for that matter. Save your money.

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