Review: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

What is it with game developers these days reviving or rebooting long dead game franchises?

Some of these games have been MIA for around 5 years, and like the one we’re going to talk about today – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been 8 years in the making.

First some history – way back in 2008, EA produced a game that utilized parkour and hand-to-hand combat. The game received a lukewarm response from the community as a whole. Most complaints were the shortness of the game and the glitching/physics issues.

This left us wondering if there would ever be a sequel.

In 2013 EA announced that DICE would be working on a sequel/reboot. The finished product was released this week.

Is it worth it?

Being classified as a sequel, it’s more or less a retelling of the original story from the first game. You play as Faith, who is sprung from prison and finds out she is living in a city of glass. This is city is basically a corporate controlled nightmare. All it’s citizens are controlled by a man called Kruger.

it’s your job with a group of free runners to sabotage all of the intentions of Kruger, using parkour and combat.

This where the similarities end as the original game was linear and this one is a next gen free roamer.

There are 2 aspects of gameplay here:

  • The parkour
  • Hand-to-hand combat

The Parkour

First with the parkour aspects of the game. I really liked this in the first game and in my opinion – this is greatly improved in the new game. The problem I do have is that when you get into the meat of the game, and towards the end – the parkour gets wonky and frustrating. For example, what should be a simple ledge jump is hard to judge or some times Faith veers to the left or right for no reason at all.

You will die a lot in this game. I mean ALOT. And that’s where the inconsistencies in the checkpoint save system become apparent. Some times, you can literally get a save exactly where you died, while others send you back a whole level of difficult jumps.

The Hand-To-Hand Combat

This is pretty simple as its not meant to be the main aspect of the play. Honestly here you can just mash buttons and win 99% of the time. The physics are hilarious to watchas one kick will send an enemy flying off into the, whilst turning himinto a ragdoll noodle.

It sucks. It really does.

The Story

I found the story really enjoyable and interesting. There are 16 story related missions, and about 5-8 hours of actual story related gameplay. No spoilers here, but the ending is so ignorant, you will literally say, “WHAT THE FUCK?”

There are random NPCs all over the place, and why most do nothing, so unlock additional side missions, which just on needed.

Speaking of the side missions, you do not need to complete them. They are completely worthless and add nothing to the game.


  • Nice colorful, vibrant world
  • Improved parkour engine


  • Parkour that becomes imprecise near the end of the game
  • Inconsistent save system
  • Open world gameplay side mission quests that are completely worthless
  • Hand-to-Hand combat system that is super easy and laughable
  • Physics engine for the hand-to-hand combat is a laughing riot
  • The ending is a bait and switch, begging you to buy the sequel
  • Glitchy, buggy, at unplayable at times.

So should you buy this game?

Absolutely not. It is a bug filled, clipping, glitch shit storm that took 8 years to develop.

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