Reasons Not To Buy The iPhone 7

It’s that time of year again – another iPhone release, another frenzied morning of fighting off Apple fanboys at the Apple Store.

Apple did a really good job in their most recent keynote to convince the average consumer that they NEEDED the latest rendition of their flagship device.

Let’s go over some of the reasons not to upgrade:

  • Unlike other yearly releases, there’s no major change in the design. The traditional headphone jack is gone, there’s stereo speakers, and lastly the antenna lines have been moved for a cleaner look.
  • The display is essentially the same, even though boasting a wider color gamut – something that most people won’t be able to notice. Why Apple hates OLED or AMOLED screens – we’ll never know.
  • Battery – while claims improvements in this area, there’s not much to talk about in comparisons to the previous iPhone. You might get a couple extra hours but you’ll still have to charge nightly.
  • I’ve already said it – NO HEADPHONE JACK! Now, if Phil Schiller was attempting to convince us that this was moving technology forward, he’s wrong. Think about it – want to charge your phone and listen to music? You can’t do it, unless you BUY an accessory from Belkin. Want to use your expensive audiophile headphones? You’ll have to use the so graciously included 3.5mm adapter Apple has supplied. Samsung launched the Note 7, packed to the hilt with more tech, and it has a headphone jack! But then again, you have that whole exploding battery thing.
  • RAM. Apple where is it? My current phone, the OnePlus 3 has 6GB! That’s more than most average desktop PCs. It outperforms every smartphone on the market today at a fraction of the price. Seriously look it up. The iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus reportedly have to 2GB and 3GB. You can check out my review of the OnePlus 3 here.
  • That Jet Black variant. People love it, however, it is only available in the higher end storage tiers, not the 32GB.

So other than the freakishly high prices Apple forces you to pay for these devices – there isn’t anything really new here. There are a whole host of budget devices that have better specs and much lower pricing.

You’re best bet is to wait until next year when the iPhone has it’s 10th birthday. Apple has promised a radical change in design, performance, and technology for that anniversary.

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