We Should Probably Be Dead

Today is Election Day.

Normally me and my parents will get up around 6AM to go vote.

Turn-out this year was much above what we have experienced in past years.

A great thing.

As we headed towards the doors to leave – I had no idea what was about to happen next.

I made a right turn onto Main St – which I can now only assume was so we could head home.

This is where things get fuzzy. Really fuzzy. Like “this must be a dream “fuzzy”.

This is where I apparently had the worst seizure I’ve ever had, but let’s back up a moment.

This is the second one I’ve ever had – with the first being about a month ago. A month prior to that, I fell, hit my head and most likely had an undiagnosed concussion – which purportedly is the cause of my current woes. Time will tell.

The following comes from my parents – they say I started fiddling with the gear shift as it got kicked into manual. I was “not there” at this point. They said I corrected the gear issue approaching Main St.

Next, I floored the gas pedal and approached an intersection, which I promptly blew the red, going at least 70-80MPH.

We ended up missing our turn and headed down a hill, hitting a rock wall – and only stopped after going down an embankment, plowing out the tree tops with the car.

This is where I think I’m trying to wake myself out of a dream. That’s what it felt like.

My timeline was a bit behind reality, so I reached out and grabbed my Dads jacket as if trying to save him. I hear Mom telling me to get out of the car – she feared the car was on fire.

As I came back, I realized I was “hung” by seat belt and could not breathe. I briefly passed out, waking to to a voice telling me I was hung in the seat belt and he was going to cut me out.


I landed to the ground with a resounding thud.

I didn’t want to go to the hospital against the advice of the EMTs and law enforcement. The next thing I knew, or think I remember are the cops grabbing my arms telling me I had to go to the hospital.

I became enraged and combative. This is the liberty loving, anti-establishment part of my personality coming out. I fought with the cops  – then realizing it was pointless as I was telling them they were assualting me.

Now in the ambulance and becoming a bit more aware of my surroundings, I agreed to go to the hospital.

Thank the Lord – everything was minor. Mom and Dad escaped being sore, bruised, and a little cut-up. The dog is also fine.

Now I begin the long journey of follow-ups, brain studies, and all sorts of things.

It could of been a lot worse.

Tons of thanks to my cousin John Barry Staton and Uncle John for all the help today! We really appreciate it!

More pics here.


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