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Wow. The first month of the year of the Rooster is almost gone.

Have I stuck to my resolutions? Nope.

Did I make any? Nope.

What have I accomplished so far? Well, I am now about 17% fluent in German. And I must say I have rather enjoyed that journey so far. šŸ™‚

I have been making lots of gaming related videos – which by the way, seems like my forte. I should’ve known.

Work is good but challenging. I can say I love my job.

So, Trump happened. I won’t turn this entry into a political rant but I will say I voted for the guy. And if that upsets you – then consider yourself triggered.

Honestly if you think about it…Stand up comedians should be gracious to Trump. After all, he is going to give you 4 more years of material. Right?

Who would’ve ever thought that we would see people “protesting” wearing giant vaginas and pink pussy hats on their heads? If you don’t think that’s funny, then you’re not paying attention.

I say give the guy a chance and save the Hitler comparisons to, well, Hitler. Most of you entitled millennials don’t even know what you’re talk about, let alone protesting.

And since when did protesting become violence and destruction of property? Fricking terrorists if you ask me.

I didn’t like Obama, and I damn sure didn’t like Bush – but you didn’t see me being violent or threatening to blow up the White House.

Speaking of celebrities, let’s talk about that.

You overpaid ritualistic pieces of garbage should keep your opinions to yourselves. We, the consumers, pay you money to jump on your box and sing, act, or whatever. And when we are done with you, we put you back in your box, turn off the radio, or TV. That’s the only use you have in life.

So, seriously – shut the fuck up.

Oh, look this did turn into a rant.

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