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Complaining – The Addiction


Why do some people complain about everything, all day? Constant complaining seems to be about people, events, circumstances, money – anything really.

Essentially, everything in the complainer’s world is a source of aggravation.

Constant complaining is a way of life for some people.

It is an addiction.

I can’t remember a day ever going by without my father complaining about something. This generally leads to a lot of frustration for me. He believes that he is right about everything and will complain to me if my opinions differ from his. I have rarely heard any words of gratitude from his mouth.

No matter how good things are, he manages to find something wrong. No matter how perfect I try to be, he always finds something wrong with me and or my mom.

Over the years, I have noticed that every conversation begins with a complaint. He can’t help it, and to him it is a normal conversation.

He is addicted to complaining.

Complaining is a learned response from someone who thinks they aren’t getting enough attention, and haven’t done the work of developing an emotional, loving, and compassionate inner adult self.

They use complaining as a way of getting attention, as well as control.

The complainer is a bit like a small spoiled child. Most people around the complainer, don’t like this emotional “pull” of negative energy. People that have to put up with this are most likely to withdraw, walk-away, and become emotionally unavailable.

Complaining is a vicious circle. A constant complainer will stop not complaining until they learn to give themselves the attention, love, and compassion they need.

As long as they continue pull out the negative energy from those around them, they will not take responsibility when their words and actions hurt those around them.

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