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Blog – So I’m catching up on Arrow….


And I’m on episode 13, Spectre of the Gun.

The episode started with a mass shooting, and it was clear that the producers were trying to make a statement about gun control.

This episode was bizarre to say the least. Again, it’s clear that the writers did not want to take a specific side regarding the gun control debate.

Eventually the identity of the mass shooter is revealed, and it’s just a nobody who purchased a gun legally – and has nothing to do with the series lore. It really doesn’t do anything except freeze the episode and show in a weird state.

The only thing that the episode seems to agree upon, is that people getting murdered with guns is bad. When it comes to the more complicated nuances, it gets lost and ends up in a weird non-committal that makes me wonder why they even bothered with this episode to begin with.

Arrow – this is not a way to handle gun control.

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